Easily Convert AVI to MP4 Files With An MP4 Converter!

MP4 is probably the world’s most preferred file format for videos. The main reason is that it is widely used in most video player devices on the market. Knowing this, one becomes worried on what to do with that entire collection of movie files downloaded through torrent, home movies from your camcorder, mobile phone videos, etc. Most of those files were surely saved in AVI format.

Good thing there are ways to convert AVI to MP4.

Why do it?

When you convert AVI to MP4, you will be able to enjoy watching your videos in a lot of platforms. In fact, popular streaming applications use MP4 format in running videos over the internet. A big reason why it is recommended to convert AVI files into MP4 is that it effectively reduces the file size. With this feature more files can be saved without compromising the system’s memory. AVI files are also quite difficult to process when using a mobile device. Compared to dealing with an MP4 file, the central processing unit of a device will take a lot of time and effort to process an AVI file. The decreased load of processing an MP4 file will significantly improve the device’s battery life and will also increase the durability of the file.

Is the converting process complicated?

When you do it manually, yes, it can be quite a hard work to do. This should not cause a worry since there are a lot of AVI to MP4 converter software to choose from. An example of great software to convert AVI to MP4 is the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate that more than just converts files into different file formats it also lets you do simple video editing actions like trimming video files as well as combining multiple video files via its merging capability. You can also protect your files by choosing the option to place watermarks on your videos. You do not need to pay for professional video editing convert online services anymore. It is the total AVI to MP4 converter that you can rely upon.

How does it work?

The conversion process starts with importing your chosen video files into the application. Using the “Add Video” button, a single to multiple video files can be uploaded to the converter window. Before converting your file into AVI, you can choose to modify the conversion settings in order to scale the videos according to your device’s specification. You can then do some editing like cropping, adding watermarks, creating clips, adding filters, and more before saving the final output. Clicking on the “preferences” tab, you can choose where in your directory you want to save your video. This is an efficient way to manage your files by sorting it out from the start where you can find specific files. Once you hit the “start” button, everything will automatically start. The time to complete the conversion process depends greatly on the video’s length and your computer’s specs. As soon as it is done, you can already enjoy watching the converted file in numerous media players that works best with MP4 and since it is preferred for internet streaming, you can start posting your videos into the World Wide Web.

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